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Ride Ride Capitol Down Jacket

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Ride Capitol Down Jacket



Most down jackets aren't waterproof what-so-ever and aren't articulated enough for good range of motion, the Ride Capitol Down Jacket is.  Being able to move freely when snowboarding is key and honestly half the battle -- you can have the best board, boots and bindings but if you can't tweak your body to manipulate the board it doesn't matter.  It's true that the Capitol Down has a pocket for a 6 pack of your favorite canned beverage, it's located on the back and accessed from the interior of the jacket -- It's chairlift and backpack compatible.  

So yea this is a super warm jacket and it boasts serious waterproofing and breathability.  With several pockets to hold gear, beers or just a steezy place to put your hands when walking through Aspen.


Classic Long Fit - A down jacket isn't a down jacket unless it's a longer cut and that's exactly what the Capitol Down Jacket is. 


High-loft down jacket for super cold days and it even is waterproof and breathable... SCORE!


80/20 Down Fill is what's loaded up in the baffles of the Capitol Down.  Feathers that feel light, but keep you warmer than a Turkey in November.  


6-Pack Pocket - Located on the interior of the jacket and accessed via the interior.  A mesh lining holds 6 beers no problem.

Hand Warmer Pockets - These helpful pockets are also pack compatible, no need to take off your pack to keep your hands warm in your jacket.

Additional Awesomeness

Exhale Collar - The collar of the the jacket is more breathable preventing goggle fog better than other jackets when you burrow your face in on a chairlift.

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