PretPret Cynic X Ski Helmet

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Pret Cynic X Ski Helmet



Ample protection with an awesome look is the description for the Pret Cynic X Helmet. Truly one of a kind styling that has a rubber exterior shell, super clean look and non of the bulk. Functionalty resting upon tons of protection, at no point was the goal of safety lost in development. MIPS shrouds your skill with a higher tier of protection that won't be found in most helmets. The interior membrane has the ability to absorb more of an impact resulting in less distortion to your brain. Saving your brain is probably one of the most important things you can do throughout life. So when shredding down an icy mountain is no time to put your dome on the back burner. An awesome option for backcountry enthusiasts since it also has a Recco within. The more Recco you have on your kit the better off you will be. The Pret Cynic X Helmet is awesome for every kind of shredder because its safer than most, decked out with features, and it looks awesome.


In-Mold Construction - By creating the polycarbonate helmet shell and foam liner in a single mold. This process results in a more complete seal between the shell and liner, which optimizes venting and keeps weight the a bare minimum.

Fit System

RCS Fit System - The RCS Fit Dial located on the rear of the Pret cynic helmet is easy to grab/use with a gloved hand. This system allows for a range of 4 cm’s of size adjustment, giving you a fit that is completely personal.


VTT1 - Vent Tuning Technology allows fresh air through the intake and exhaust vents to expedite the evaporation of moisture. Stale, damp air is flushed out of the helmet in order to keep you warm and dry throughout the day.


X-Static Liner - Wool blended ear flaps and recycled fleece liner is warm, comfortable and super soft. The ecoSmart fabric is recycled and won’t absorb moisture.

Additional Awesomeness

Covert Ear Covers - Ear flaps are removable, and independent of the fit system

Audio Ready - Headphone pockets are built in

Recco - Recco technology makes you searchable in an avalanche situation without having to activate any device.

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