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Planks Skier Tee

Planks Skier Tee



A perfect tee for after the lifts close for the day or for the season. You can wear this shirt after a perfect day on the mountain, or toss it on when you’re headed to the pool a few months later. This shirt will ensure you never forget about your roots as a skier, even in the middle of the summer. There’s no reason to hide who you are as a skier, especially when you can display it so comfortably.


100% cotton - This tee is among the softest out there with fully cotton fibers from top to bottom.


The skier tee is going to fit true to size. Not so tight that you won’t be able to breathe but not too baggy either.


Standard - There won’t be any surprises here with the length of your tee. It’ll be just as long as you expect. No more no less.

Wardrobe Placement

This tee will always be on top of the pile. It’ll be the first one packed for your big adventures and your first one washed so you can wear it again soon.

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