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Patagonia Merino MidWeight Bottoms // Women's

Patagonia Merino MidWeight Bottoms // Women's

The Patagonia Merino Wool Midweight Bottoms are a dynamic pair of long underwear with applications during all four seasons. The ability of wool to insulate, breath and therefor effectively keep you warm and dry is remarkable. Ultra-fine wool fibers give Patagonia’s chlorine-free merino wool a silky feel. The addition of recycled polyester to the weave (one part poly for every four parts merino) vastly improves durability and shrink resistance, and results in faster drying times. Your next-to-skin layer is the foundation of your warmth and comfort, and the Patagonia Merino Wool Bottoms are a trendy, functional, and sustainable choice.


Slim Fit - The more contact that your base layer makes with your skin, the more effective it will be at retaining body heat, and managing moisture.


Chlorine-Free Merino Wool (80%), Polyester (20%)

215g Chlorine-Free Merino Wool - Patagonia creates luxurious merino wool base layers by the use of ultra-fine (18.9 micron) merino wool fibers. Mid Weight bottoms use 215g Chlorine-free merino wool blended with 20% Capilene polyester to improve the garment’s durability and longevity. Both fabrics are Bluesign approved for sustainability.

Chlorine-Free - Chlorine is often used to soften raw wool fiber. For the benefit of organisms living in earths soil and water, Patagonia abstains from the use of chlorine in the softening or de-scaling process of their wool. The alternative softening process/products are Bluesign approved for environmental sustainability.


Merino Wool Long Underwear / Base Layer Bottom


Merino Wool insulates with high efficiency, even when wet, and breathes in order to prevent overheating.

Additional Awesomeness

Bluesign Approved - This standard within the textile industry conducts audits of materials and processes in order to determine the sustainability of garments. Bluesign seeks to rid products of dangerous substances, conserve energy, and minimize waste and emissions in order to protect the atmosphere and water cycle.

Extra wide waistband delivers maximum comfort

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