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Ortovox Diract Voice Avalanche Transceiver

An innovative Avalanche Transceiver offering top-of-the-line safety when you need it.


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Ortovox has created a new standard in Avalanche Safety with the Diract Voice Transceiver. Not found in any other beacons, the Diract has an integrated voice navigation system that will guide you to your buried friend with clear, easy-to-understand instructions. Staying calm is often the hardest thing to do in a rescue situation, but it is one of the most important and crucial things we need to do. The precise, simple phrases and instructions that the Diract uses will keep you focused and relaxed. Follow the instructions and you will get to your companion quicker and easier. Not only are you getting the innovative voice navigation system, but this transceiver also has a three-antenna system, equipped with Smart-Antenna technology which analyzes the device’s location in the avalanche and automatically switches to the best transmitting antenna. Get up to double the range when you need it. It's lightweight, has rubber grips, can be easily used with gloves on, and the display is 360 degrees, large, and easy to see in any condition. In the case that another avalanche forms while you are searching, the device automatically switches into transit mode to guarantee you full protection. Backcountry endeavors are inherently dangerous, but you will feel much safer and the people skiing with you will as well thanks to the Diract Voice. 




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