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Nordica SpeedMachine 3 115 W Ski Boots 2024 // Women's

The SpeedMachine 115 is for stronger female skiers with average feet who need performance. This is a mid-volume boot with the performance and feel of a lower-volume fit making it a great option for skiers who have average feet and don't want to feel like they are crammed into a boot but still want to be able to get the most out of their skis.

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The SpeedMachine 115 is a mid-volume boot with low volume performance.


The Nordica SpeedMachine 115 is a boot built for ripping female skiers who don't want to sacrifice performance on the mountain. This boot is powerful enough to bend any ski out there with ease and will make you feel more confident in your turns. At a 115 flex, this boot is responsive laterally and when flexing forward. It offers great rebound to keep your skiing efficient and powerful no matter how hard you want to push it. Compared to some other high-flex women's specific boots, the SpeedMachine is more forgiving when flexing forward into the boot but this doesn't take away from the performance level. Even though this is a more performance-oriented boot, it's not a bear to put on or uncomfortable to wear all day on the hill. Bonus points for being relatively warm compared to other higher-performance boots. What else could you ask for? 


Bootfitter's notes:

The Nordica SpeedMachine 115 is a snug 100mm last with a generous toe box. It's a mid volume fit that feels more like a low-volume. Great for skiers with average feet who don't want to cram into a low volume boot. There is less room on top of the instep of the Speedmachine than other 100mm lasted boots. The area around the achilles can be a little snug (noticeable pinch) for some people but this will bake out with heat molding, time, or minimal liner work. Compared to some other mid-volume boots, the SpeedMachine 115 does have a more aggressive fit and feel but it's not a difficult boot to ski in all day. 


Tech Specs

  • Weight/ 1700g @ 26.5
  • Liner/ 3D Cork Fit W Primaloft®
  • Boot Sole/ Gripwalk
  • Designed By/ Nordica
  • Last/ 100mm @ 26.5
  • Cuff Style/ 2 Piece Overlap
  • Shell Materials/ Polyurethane
  • Built By/ Nordica

If you're a good skier with average feet this is a great option. It's easy to put on, it drives skis with awesome power and efficiency while also providing a fit that is precise enough to keep you locked in, without feeling like your feet are crammed into a boot.

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