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Nordica NXT N3W Ski Boots 2016 // Women's

Nordica NXT N3W Ski Boots 2016 // Women's



When it comes to the balance of comfort and performance Nordica knows how to please.  The NXT N3W is the womens specific version of the N3, but in the womens version you get primaloft in the liner too.  The hand stiched liner is carefully crafted to be cozy on the feet while providing an ample amount of performance for intermediate skiers.  Advancing or perpetual intermediates will be happy with how supportive and comfortable the boot is.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

With a 90 flex you can do most of what you're favorite mountain has to offer.  The NXT N3W is meant to be comfortable and offer some performance for recreational skiers that like skiing blues and the occasional black.  Wide or flat feet? The NXT N3W is accomodating of that.  Ski boots don't get much more comfortable than the NXT N3W.


When you buy a pair of Nordica's you get hand stitched liners even at $299.  The result is a better fitting boot that stands the test of time.  The toe box of the liner is sewn to be less constricting.  Though the liner is focused on comfort it still provides great heel retention a key component for advancing skiers.


4 Micro-Adjustable Buckles - 4 sleek micro-adjustable buckles keep your foot locked in place.  

Additional Awesomeness

Weather Sheild - An integrated overlap system keeps water from leaking into the ski boots, dry feet are warm feet.

ACP - The upper cuff is adjustable to accomodate various leg shapes and calf sizes.

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