Nordica NRGy 90 Skis 2017

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Nordica NRGy 90 Skis 2017



This is as easy and fun as 90mm waist gets folks.  Narrow enough for the front four at Stowe and wide enough for the back bowls at Vail.  Though it initiates turns with ease on hardpack and soft snow, this is the most lively ski in it's class.  The tail taper makes skiing in trees and bumps way more fun since there is less tail drag.  The tail taper (think pin tail) also makes the skis float better when mother nature decides to dump some pow.  If all you want to do is rail groomers the NRGy 90 might not have enough tail for ya, but for those that want to spend majority of their time carving and have more fun off-trail the NRGy 90 is an awesome choice.

Buying Tip: The NRGy series skis short, don't be afriad to size up.


Full Sidewall - An ABS Sidewall runs the length of the ski and is the bread if you will in this sandwich construction.


i-Core Torsion Bridge Ti - The Torsion Bridge (Milled Metal Laminate) gives the skis full metal laminate feel but without all the added weight.  Enough metal for the ex-racers and a low enough weight to consider throwing an AT binding on it.  


All-Mountain CamRock - Tip early rise provides the skis with better float in powder, as well as effortless turn initiation regardless of snow condition.

Early Taper - The skis widest points are tapered earlier to provide a more predicable tip in soft snow and make the tails more 'smeary' in off-trail situations.

Rocker Camber Key

Tip Rocker Camber underfoot

Additional Awesomeness

Prepreg Carbon - Carbon laminates give life to the already lively i-Core.

ABS Sidewalls - Better grip in harder snow/ice conditions.


The Nordica NRGy 90 does not come with a binding. We recommend you use a binding that will accommodate your skiing needs (backcountry, touring, all-mountain, freestyle etc.). Be sure the brake width and release settings will work for your particular activity. Questions about what's best for you, contact an expert at

Recommended Binding: Marker Griffon

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