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Nordica Enforcer 104 Unlimited Skis 2024

The Enforcer 104 Unlimited is an awesome touring-oriented ski that can handle some deeper resort days. It's playful, it's light, and it's a blast to ski in soft snow. For a ski that is this light and maneuverable it does feel just solid enough under foot to handle some less than desirable terrain, however, this is a ski that is geared for skiers who want something quick and nimble on descents and light and efficient on ascents. The Enforcer Unlimited 104 is one of the best performing skis on the downhill side of things compared to some other skis in the Alpine Touring category.

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The Enforcer 104 unlimited is a ski built for touring that doesn't mind when you point them downhill.


The Enforcer 104 Unlimited is the widest and most playful offering from Nordica's new, touring focused, Unlimited series. At 104mm underfoot this ski is a beast in softer deeper snow and easy to ski. It's light and nimble allowing for really easy turn initiation and can be pivoted and smeared through some tight terrain if you find yourself there. Even though this ski is on the lighter end of the spectrum it still feels stable and smooth as long as you're not skiing in garbage snow or pushing it too hard. The carbon in this ski makes it feel snappy and energetic but it's by no means a nervous feeling ski. That being said, this is a lighter ski that is touring-focused so it's not the most powerful feeling ski out there, but that is not what this ski is meant to be used for. This is a great ski if you want something that floats well, is light enough to tour with, or you want something to ski at the resort on a softer snow day. Compared to the Enforcer 104 Free, the Unlimited is more playful and energetic but also less powerful and stable at speed. 

Who is this ski for? Skiers who are putting together a touring set-up that can also be used in the resort. 

Who isn't this ski for? Skiers who prioritize performance on groomers or skiers who don't spend any time in softer, deeper snow. 

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 17.5m @ 179cm
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Poplar & Beech
  • Designed By/ Nordica
  • Weight/ 1700g @ 179cm
  • Dimensions/ 134.5-104-123.5
  • Added Materials/ Carbon
  • Built By/ Nordica

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If you are looking for a ski that is light, maneuverable and relatively stable for a touring ski the Enforcer 104 Unlimited is one of the best options out there. It behaves similarly enough to a traditional downhill ski that it won't feel out of place in the resort but the light weight construction makes touring days a breeze.

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