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Never Summer Infinity Snowboard 2021 // Women's

Never Summer Infinity Snowboard 2021 // Women's


Flex: Mid-Flex // Shape: Twin // Profile: Camber-Rocker-Camber

It may not take you beyond the limits of the known universe, but the Never Summer Infinity will absolutely step your riding to heights you’ve never before seen. With rocker in the center of the board and a slightly softer flex than some other boards in this category, this is great board for intermediate cruising and for more advanced riders that want to spend more time off the trail and in softer snow. It’s not going to be a speed demon, but there’s enough carbon in the board that it still feels stable at speeds. Really where you’re going to have a blast with the Infinity is making short and quick turns, which it’s going to do infinitely better than your old super heavy snowboard; opening up the whole mountain to your adventures.

Poplar/Birch Core

Biax Fiberglass + Carbon

Designed by: Never Summer // Built by: Never Simmer, Denver Factory

TLDR: A softer flexing all-mountain board that will step your riding game up to a whole new level. 

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