Marker Kingpin 13 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2020

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Marker Kingpin 13 Alpine Touring Ski Bindings 2020


DIN Range: 6-13 // Weight: 758 g per binding // Standing Height: 21mm

DIN/ISO 13992:2007 Certified // Crampon Compatible // Removable Brake

*These bindings are new for 2020 and are not a part of the recalled batch from 2018/2019*

If you are an alpine touring veteran then you are familiar with sacrifice when it comes to bindings. You have consistently been choosing between gear that is light weight and gear that offers DIN certified release protection. Now that the KingPin 13 is on the market there is no reason to sacrifice. This binding provides all of the skinning comfort associated with a pintech toe. A pintech toe piece brings the binding pivot point a lot closer to your toes than other framed AT bindings (Duke, Baron, Tour F12.) This allows you to have a much more natural and efficient stride as you glide up hill. If you are skinning efficiently, you slide each ski along the snow as opposed to picking up each foot. The KingPin heel stays connected to the ski with each step and this saves an immense amount of energy over the course of a long tour.

With all of the ground work laid to create a binding that is incredible to hike in, Marker set out to improve the safety of the frameless binding system. All great alpine bindings have good elastic travel in the toe and heel and it was an essential task for Marker to improve this in the KingPin. Marker uses six high quality steel springs in the toe to increase skier retention and impact absorption. Many other pintech toe pieces are constructed with only four springs. By utilizing a more traditional step in heel vs. a two pin style like the Dynafit Radical ST 2.0, the KingPin provides a lot more contact with the heel of the ski boot. All of this allows for more consistent release during a bad fall, better retention while skiing technical terrain, and more efficient climbs uphill. Finally you don’t have to sacrifice any safety or performance and you can be king of the mountain.

DIN Heel

Material: Carbon, Forged Aluminum, Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Designed by: Marker // Built by: Marker, Czech Republic Factory

TLDR: One of the few TUV Certified touring bindings with a traditional alpine heel that maximizes power transfer.

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