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Marker Jester 16 ID Ski Bindings 2024

A heavy hitting binding that is designed for skiers who like to set their DIN higher than what is recommended. Built for those who go full send!


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The Marker Jester ID is for the skier that is looking for a higher DIN setting and a binding that can withstand some abuse.  The Jester's have more metal components than it's little brother the Griffon, making it a more durable option while giving the skiers a better feeling regardless of what the snow conditions are.

Reasons to upgrade from the Griffon ID to the Jester ID:

• If you set your DIN's at 10 or above.

• You don't look before you leap, you just send it off cliffs. #RespectTheSend

• They match your skis better.  Seriously -- your set up has to look sick!

The Jester ID comes from Marker's Royal Family of bindings and it's wide platform makes it great for skiers that are on wider skis.  If you want a binding that will keep you locked in when you are skiing hard, fast and technical lines the Marker Jester ID is the safe and reliable option. 

PS. The Black colorway looks ridiculously awesome, pictures don't do the binding justice.


Is there a big difference between the regular (old) Jester and the Jester ID?

• Yes, The big difference has to do with the AFD (Anti-Friction Device) plate, the Jester ID is compatible with regular boot sole lugs (which have been around forever and most people currently have), Alpine Touring soles, Grip Walk and even WTR – though it’s not marketed that way.  The first generation Jester can only take regular Ski Boot lugs (ISO 5355).  The reason to go Jester ID is for the future, most boots are moving away from 5355 to Grip Walk, old Jesters 2016 and earlier can’t take new boot sole norms.  Do yourself a favor and go ID, that way you will not be limited in what ski boots you can buy. 

• The toe height adjustment on the Jester ID is also much easier to use, it’s accesible.  This only makes a difference for those that work in a shop or are adjusting bindings to multiple boots.

Other than that the bindings function exactly the same.  

How do I pick the correct brake width?

Depends on the waist width of your skis and honestly the length of your ski boot – big boots may need to go with a wider brake.  The 90 mm brake will fit waist widths up to 95 mm, the 110 mm brake will fit up to 115 mm waisted skis – This all depends on the sidecut of the ski however, if a ski has a deep sidecut you may need to go with a wider brake than you may think.  All brakes can be stretched a bit, the brake may get hung up the first couple times but after that it’ll be smooth sailing.  Any questions, just give us a call, or shoot us an email.   

ISO 5355 // GripWalk // WTR Compatible // MNC





Tech Specs

  • DIN Range/ 6-16
  • Standing Height/ 22mm
  • Built By/ Marker
  • Weight/ 1053g per binding
  • Designed By/ Marker
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