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Marker Jester Pro ID Ski Bindings 2020

Marker Jester Pro ID Ski Bindings 2020


DIN Range: 8-18 // Weight: 1091g per binding // Standing Height: 22mm

ISO 5355 // GripWalk // WTR Compatible

The Marker Jester Pro is the binding of choice for top skiers, your either in a Pivot 18 or a Jester Pro.  If you are looking for a binding that won't pre-release on you, the Jester Pro is the option.  The AFD plate on the Jester Pro is static and torsion bar on the toe piece of the binding makes the Jester Pro the most responsive binding in the Marker Royal Family line up.  This is the only binding in the royal family that is not Sole ID, the Jester Pro is only compatible with ISO 5355 soles.  Which makes sense if you’re looking for responsiveness having a rubber sole or walk mode doesn’t help you out.  This binding is about staying clicked in, even in the most demanding situations while providing power to the edges.

Two Piece Heel

Material: Magnesium, Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Designed by: Marker // Built by: Marker, Czech Republic Factory

TLDR: For those who live to shred and shred to live...Marker has brought their biggest gun to the table with this 18 DIN monster.

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