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Look Pivot 15 GW Ski Bindings 2025

Solid construction, low standing height, great elastic travel. Great for ripping skiers who want a confidence inspiring binding.


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Time to pivot to a top-tier binding.


The Look Pivot 15 is the answer for ripping skiers who want reliability, a responsive feel, and the ability to crank DIN. This Look binding has great energy transmission and tons of elastic travel. The new toe piece easily accommodates rockered boot soles, while the heel piece's elastic travel assists the skier with recovery from hard landings, in the trees, jumps, and rails. This increased recovery time helps the skier stay in the bindings, instead of pre-releasing. This preventive pre-release feature makes them extremely sought-after by both hard-charging freestyle and freeride skiers. The metal toe piece is an added level of durability making these bindings near bomb-proof. 

The toe and heel pieces operate independently of each other. The Pivot heel piece also has the most elastic travel of any heel piece out there.  The Salomon STH2 bindings function similarly, but they don’t have the elastic travel in the heel piece.  Basically what this mumbo-jumbo means is the toe piece has 180 degrees of release and can release that way regardless of heel piece movement.  The toe piece releasing quality is one of the many reasons people go with Knee bindings, but for aggressive skiers – knee bindings can allow pre-release.  Pre-release is something that happens less in a Pivot binding, you release when you’re supposed to.

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Tech Specs

  • DIN Range/ 6-15
  • Standing Height/ 16.5mm Toe // 19mm Heel
  • Built By/ Look
  • Weight/ 1245g Per Binding
  • Designed By/ Look

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A pivot designed for skiers who want to crank their DIN a little. A pivoting heel piece prevents prerelease in situations where other bindings would. Whether it's cliffs, jumps, park, bumps... Basically anything high impact, this binding is made for it.

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