Look Pivot 12 GW Ski Bindings 2021


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Look Pivot 12 GW Ski Bindings 2021


DIN Range: 4-12 // Weight: 1105g per binding 

ISO 5355 // GripWalk 95 // ISO 9523

The Look Pivot 12 ski bindings come equipped with all of the same features as the Pivot 14, expect this bad-boy binding is less $$$! Look's reinforced dual action toe provides fantastic energy transmission and a safe, consistent release… while the Pivot Turntable heel brings the elastic travel noise! The Pivot 12's heel piece is among the best in the game, by providing optimal retention and industry leading elastic travel. For years a binding with this heel piece would start around $350, now it comes to market at an awesome price! Get all the performance you have ever wanted at a price you have always hoped for. The Look Pivot 12 ski bindings will mount-up perfectly to any ski, and will help keep the price of your set-up from shooting out-of-the-atmosphere!


Why do so many skiers trust Look, and only have Look?

The toe and heel piece operate independently of one and other. The Pivot heel piece also has the most elastic travel of any heel piece out there.  The Salomon STH2 bindings function similarly, but they don’t have the elastic travel in the heel piece.  Basically what this mumbo-jumbo means is the toe piece has 180 degrees of release and can release that way regardless of heel piece movement.  The toe piece releasing quality is one of the many reasons people go with Knee bindings, but for aggressive skiers – knee bindings can cause pre-release.  Pre-release is something that happens less in a pivot binding, you release when you’re supposed to.

Two Piece Heel

Material: Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic

Designed by: Look Bindings // Built by: Look Bindings, France Factory

TLDR: Lots of elastic travel in both the toe and heel. The Pivot has become the most popular binding for freestyle skiers for its ability to keep you locked in during landings and release appropriately when things get hairy, reducing risk of injury.

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