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Line Pandora 84 Skis 2019 // Women's

Line Pandora 84 Skis 2019 // Women's


r: 13 meters @ 158 centimeters // weight: 1430 grams @ 158 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

122 - 84 - 110

Line's Pandora 84 is more similar to the old Soulmate series from previous years, it doesn't share th same construction or profile as it's bigger sister the Pandora 94.  The Pandora 84 is more front side/groomer focused and designed to help you feel more confident at speed, steeper or icier terrain.  It's lightweight construction and rocker in the tip make turn inititation easy while it's firm platform underfoot keeps you gripped on harder snow.  

Aspen Core

No Laminates.

Designed by: Line // Built by: K2, China

TLDR: Imagine a Volkl Yumi, just easier.

Recommended Binding: The Line Pandora 84's do NOT include a binding, the best skis never do.

We recommend a Tyroilia Attack 12 GW with 95 mm brake.

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