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Line Pandora 84 Skis 2024 // Women's

A great ski for less experienced beginner and intermediate skiers who want to just cruise around the hill. This ski won't be breaking any world records, but it will be sure to make a casual skiers day as easy as possible.

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Line built the Pandora 84 for the aspring skier. The Line Pandora 84 is great to learn on because it's lightweight, predictable and easy to balance on through out the turn.  With a solid enough construction to be an outstanding option as your skills improve, and it feels stable enough to keep the chatter at bay. Whether you like it or not, the Line Pandora 84 is going to make you a better skier if you are a beginner or intermediate, it'll make you feel more confident as you grow as a skier. At 84mm underfoot it likes to be on some better manicured snow and has good grip on firm snow but the tails are easy to release if you wanted to start explore some more adventurous terrain. For a ski that is more geared beginners and progressing intermediate skiers, it does provide a better level of confidence and predictability when compared to a rental ski. If you want an easy going ski that will be more than happy to just cruise around the mountain with you, the Line Pandora 84 should be on your radar. 

Who is this ski for? Casual skiers looking for an easy going, fun loving option that will allow them to build confidence all over the hill. 

Who is this ski not for? Aggressive skiers, expert skiers or skiers looking for a ski with a high level of precision, performance, and power. 


Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 13m @ 158
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Aspen
  • Designed By/ LINE
  • Weight/ 1339g @ 158
  • Dimensions/ 122 - 84 - 110 @ 158
  • Added Materials/ N/A
  • Built By/ K2
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