Lib Tech UFO 105 Skis 2020

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Lib Tech UFO 105 Skis 2020


r: 18 meters @ 178 centimeters // weight: 1769 grams @ 178 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

136 - 105 - 126

Test Locations: Red Mountain, BC

First impression of a board company making skis can cause hesitation. We promise to throw that nonsense away and realize Lib Tech has got something figured out. The Lib Tech UFO 105 Skis quickly became one of our favorites at Powder Week. The UFO 105 was immediately comfortable within various terrain. From soft snow to tress the skis were effortless and super fun. After spending a few more runs and fully opening them up, there was zero disappointment, they felt predictable and dialed in at speed. Magne-Traction, Lib Tech's exclusive tech, increases points of contact of the edge that really locks in and stays grounded when laying them over on trail. Also if you like to detune for rails, the added serrations will still keep those edges magnetized on snow. In summary is the Lib Tech UFO 105 Skis are fun, easy to handle, and should be top option for any all freeride/freestyle skier looking for something they won't grow out of.

Aspen Core

Triax Fiberglass Top/Biax Fiberglass Bottom

Designed by: Mervin Manufacturing // Built by: Mervin, in the U.S.A. near Canada

TLDR: Killer freeride/freestyle combo that does a lot really well without too much effort.

Recommended Binding: The Lib Tech UFO 105 skis do NOT include a binding, the best never do.

Tyrolia Attack 13 or Marker Griffon ID

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