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Le Bent Neck Gaiter 260

Le Bent Neck Gaiter 260


Breathable // Dual-Layer // Stink Free

Material: Mid-weight Merino-Rayon Blend

The Lé Bent Neck Gaiter is a mid-weight piece that offers incredible warmth and protection that is ideal for those crazy cold days on the mountain. The two layers of Lé Bent's signature mid-weight blend keeps you toasty while still providing awesome breathability. The face mask traps air warm air between the two layers to help keep you insulated, dry, warm and ripping sick lines all day long. The merino-rayon blend, unlike synthetic alternatives, is naturally anti-microbial to resist odours, can help regulate your temperature if you start to warm up after a few runs and isn't itchy so you won't have to worry about irritated skin. This neck warmer offers great protection from the elements, in a simple yet effective design. 


TLDR: A crazy warm, ultra breathable neck gaiter that is essential for those cold days on the hill. 


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