Lange XT Free 110 LV Alpine Touring Ski Boots 2020 // Women's

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Lange XT Free 110 LV Alpine Touring Ski Boots 2020 // Women's

CUZ – I’M FREEEEEEEEEE (tom petty voice)

Flex: 110 // weight: 1620 grams @ 24.5 centimeters // 97 mm last @ 26.5

ISO 5355 // Dynafit Inserts

Lange’s XT Freetour 110w accomplishes what many women want, a resort capable boot that can turn some burly stiff skis but are uphill capable.  The lack of weight is made possible by injecting the boots with grilamid instead of polyurethane, the cool with with grilamid is it skis down well, and when you have the boots produced by a company that specializes in race boots, they ski really well. It’s low volume fit is a little snugger is similar in fit to the RX LV or RS shell – if you’ve tried or skied in them.  Big difference is you’re going to be in an Ultralon liner in the Freetour 110w, so it’ll have a little more relaxed of a feel than a traditional Lange liner.  We’re totally impressed by this boot, if you have a lower volume foot – you’re gonna love it!


Grilamid Shell + Grilamid Cuff (Dual Core)

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Lange // Built by: Lange, Romania Factory

How's the Fit: The XT Free 110 has a more relaxed feeling liner than the RX 110 LV w, not quite as much grab around the Achilles.  

Binding Compatibility: Gripwalk compatible bindings, Dynafit Inserts


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