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Lange Shadow 95 MV Ski Boots 2025 // Women's

A mid-volume boot for progressing beginner or intermediate skiers who have an average foot shape. The "Suspension Blade" on the rear of the boot helps to make your skiing less taxing and will allow you to drive skis more fluidly. Awesome boot.


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Skiing can be easy, the Shadow 95 helps to make you feel like a stronger skier.


The Lange Shadow 95 MV is one of our favorite new boots this season for beginner to intermediate skiers transitioning away from rentals. The Shadow boots replace the Lange RX series and they are a major upgrade, in fit, comfort, and performance. The Shadow 95 has a smooth and predictable flex to it, allowing less experienced skiers to drive skis easily without fighting the boot to get energy to the ski. Lange has done an awesome job building a boot that actually makes skiing easier for less experienced skiers. Even though this boot caters to less experienced skiers, it still bends skis really well. So as you progress as a skier, you won't outperform this boot to quickly. This is a boot that works for a wide range of skier types. The Shadow 95 is also easy to put on and take off; major bonus points for being one of the warmer ski boots currently on the market. This will be one of the more popular women's specific boots we carry this season. It will help to progress you as a skier and you'll be happy in the boot all day. 

Bootfitter's notes:

The Shadow 95 MV is a generous fitting mid-volume boot with a more supple liner. It is true to width in the mid-foot to keep you held in while the forefoot is more generous to keep your toes happy. Top of the foot and instep are generous fitting, great for skiers with higher arches. The ankle area is soft but provides a good grab around the heel to hold your foot down. The length on the end of your toes may be distracting when the boot is brand new, this will go away once the boot is molded to your feet and broken in. 


Tech Specs

  • Weight/ 1600g @ 24.5
  • Liner/ Heat Moldable
  • Boot Sole/ Gripwalk
  • Designed By/ Lange
  • Last/ 100mm
  • Cuff Style/ 2 Piece Overlap
  • Shell Materials/ PU
  • Built By/ Lange

The Lange Shadow 95 combines a generous mid-volume fit with enough performance for the average recreational skier. The goal of a ski boot is to make your skiing as efficient as possible, the Shadow is one of the best boots for accomplishing this goal.

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