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Lange RX 110 Ski Boots 2018 // Women's

Lange RX 110 Ski Boots 2018 // Women's



When the flex index is well over 100, you know you have yourself a serious pair of women's ski boots.  What seperates this from comparable men's ski boots is the cuff, it's significantly shorter making it more comfortable for women that complain about pinched calves.  The liner is also lined with thinsulate in addition to Lange's control fit liner that has a great fit and gives excellent control.  Aggressive skiers need stiffer boots and the Lange RX 110w is a more comfortable version of a softer flexing race boot.  

The RX 110 is reletively easy to put on for a stiffer flexing boot and more accommodating than race boots which are several millimeters narrower.  

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

The Women's RX 110 has a forward flex of 110 and a boot last of 100 mm.

Control Fit - Lange's shell engineering process that uses a 3D Foot Scanner. This process gives Lange the ability to design and engineer the most accurate and precise fitting ski boots on the market.

Instep Pocket - Lange cuts out an "instep bone pocket" across the boots instep. This pocket helps relieve pressure on the in-step, which ensures increased blood flow for super warm comfortable feet.

Short Cuff - A shorter cuff helps to comfortably accommodate a female skier's lower leg. This women's specific cuff is 15 mm shorter in the back and 20 mm shorter in the front. 


Thinsulate - The entire liner is lined with thinsulate insulation, warm feet yes please.

Power Wedge Tongue - By wrapping the tongue around the lower leg, it eliminates shin gap which helps provide a precise snow feel..


4 Micro-Adjustable Aluminum Buckles

Additional Awesomeness

Arch Pad - Thermo A full rubber insert is placed underneath the boot's shell, for optimal grip on every surface imaginable.

Ready for Heating - Molded Thermo Poloyethylene and EVA Foam ankle pads can be heated-up to give the liners a customizable fit.

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