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Kastle MX 99 Skis 2020

Kastle MX 99 Skis 2020


r: 20.5 meters @ 176 centimeters // weight: 2145 grams @ 176 centimeters // Camber

135 - 99 - 120

Test Locations: Aspen CO, Stowe VT

No corners are cut making the Kastle MX99, which is why they ski like a million bucks.  It's 99 mm chassis, quiver killer waist width can get the vast majority of conditions handled.  But where the MX99 excels is on the frontside and it doesn't care what the speedometer says.  Two sheets of metal keep it gripping, the Silver Fir gives it the power out of the turn and the rubber keeps it from chattering -- you'll feel like you're on rails.  They eat up the post lunch chop with ease, as well.


How does the MX99 differ from the ‘old’ MX98?

The sidecut is more in line with the flex of the ski.  What that equates to is better edge hold and smoother turn initiation.  

Is the MX99 considered an all-mountain ski?

You can take any ski wherever you want on the mountain, and no matter what ski it is they’re are going to be pros and cons in various terrain – there isn’t one ski that can honestly do it all.  The more proficient you are at skiing the more you’ll like the MX99 in off piste conditions, if you’re leaning more towards the intermediate level – the MX99 might feel like a lot of work, would be better off in a Blizzard Bonafide.  Regardless of ability the MX89 will charge on the groomers and gobble up whatever crud they come accross.

Beech/Silver Fir Core

Titanal + Carbon Fiber tip and tail

Designed by: Kastle // Built by: Head, Austria Factory

TLDR: Don't let it's basic colors fool you, it's built to shred at whatever speed you're comfortable with.

Recommended Binding: The Kastle MX 99's do NOT include a binding -- the best skis come flat.

Marker Griffon ID with 110 mm Brake

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