Kastle FX 96 HP Skis 2020


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Kastle FX 96 HP Skis 2020


r: 18.1 m @ 180 centimeters // weight: 1890 grams @ 180 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

133 - 96 - 119

Test Locations: Red Mountain BC

HP no longer means your Kastle's have metal in them, as of 2020, HP = Carbon. The new construction feels more lively and nimble as most skis in 2020 do, but without sacricing the edge hold that damp Kastle's of the past possessed.  Not only is the metal gone, so is BMX, The FX 96 HP picks up where the BMX left off and goes full steam ahead in the direction that skis are going, lighter, faster and more nimble.  While the metal is gone it still feels like the powerful Kastle's we've come to love.  With improved float and no sacrifice in grip, there isn't much reason to not upgrade to the new FX 96 HP. Overall, an aggresive all mountain ski that likes to charge on and off the trail.

Beech/Poplar/Silver Fir Core


Designed by: Kastle // Built by: Sporten, Czech Republic Factory

TLDR: Don't let it's basic colors fool you, it's built to shred at whatever speed you're comfortable with.

Recommended Binding: The Kastle FX 96 HP's do NOT include a binding -- the best skis come flat.

Marker Griffon ID with 110 mm Brake

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