KastleKastle BMX 105 HP Skis 2018

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Kastle BMX 105 HP Skis 2018


Test Locations: Big Sky MT, Sunapee NH, Stratton VT

Who are the Kastle BMX 105HP Skis for?

Skiers that want a firm flexing ski that ski wherever the snow is best, regardless of pitch.  Powerful skiers that want to feel like a ski push back a bit, not something that feels, shall we say ‘spineless’?  The BMX 105HP isn’t for skiers that are trying to learn how to carve a turn on a blue square, it’s a no holds barred 105 mm waisted ski – Ex-Racer’s will love the power and the ability to arc.

The BMX 105HP is a great all-mountain wide chassied ski for the seasoned skier.  On firm snow they pull you into the turn smoothly while you lay your foot on the gas and the BMX just keeps giving you more and more.  When the snow gets more variable your happy to have the metal that the HP construction provides, they BLAST through and hang on, all you have to do is stay on and the BMX 105 HP will guide ya.  

If you’re getting tired the BMX 105HP might feel like a lot of work in tighter situations, this is just the give and take with having a ski that can charge through chunder and grip on hard pack, but will say they do feel more nimble than the Blizzard Cochise. It’s incredibly versatile for it’s beefed up construction and waist width, we give it a 10/10.  


ABS Sidewall Construction - Much of the damage your skis will sustain will be damage they inflict upon each other. ABS sidewalls run the entire length of the skis’s edge, providing impact protection, and premium edge grip on hard snow. ABS Plastic has excellent strength at low weight. The Core of the ski is sandwiched between two layers of Ti, for edge grip thats sustains through the bottom of the turn, at any speed. Kastle’s ABS Sidewall construction ensures a damp and stable ride over the long term.

UHM Graphite Sintered Base - This sintered base is built to accept and retain wax. Catch y’all at the bottom.


Kastle BMX 105 HP Construction

Full Wood Core - The complimentary relationship between ash, a super high density wood, and Silver Fir, an ultra-light wood, gives the skis the stability you need to get your charge on, without being excessively heavy. The speed you roll em over at requires your game face… but you don’t ski every single day, and you’re not 18 years old. Ash provides the rigidity which lets you drive your edge in on hard snow and ice. Silver Fir makes this possible after noon, and in degraded trail conditions.


Rocker Camber Key

Rocker Camber Rocker Ski Profile

Low Camber/Dual Rise - A bit of camber underfoot for edge hold and pop, with a smooth rocker profile for float in pow and chunder.

Additional Awesomeness

Hollowtech - Hollowtech reduces the weight of the raised tip of the ski by 15%. By removing non-essential material from the tip of the ski, Hollowtech causes vibrations to dissipate rapidly. Traditional tip construction renders a ski susceptible to elongated periods of chatter following impacts. Hollowtech keeps the full length of your edge in full time contact with the snow - giving you edge grip of unprecedented consistency.

Hook Free Tip and Tail - The point of snow contact is behind the ski's widest point in both the tip and tail. This allows for seamless turn initiation and hook free turn release.

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