K2 Poacher Skis 2020

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K2 Poacher Skis 2020


r: 19 meters @ 184 centimeters // weight: 2100 grams @ 184 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

124 - 96 - 118

Test Locations: Big Sky MT, Saas Fee CH, Stratton VT

First we had the Public Enemy, then the Revival, then the Recoil, then the Shreditor 92  now we have the K2 Poacher.  K2 sure does like changing names but if something is good they won't replace it unless it's leagues better. The Poacher is very similar to the previous Shreditor 92, it's just a bit wider -- 4mm.  It's better to think of this ski as a name change as opposed to a completely new model, if you liked the shreditor 92 you'll like the Poacher.  It's a nimble and forgiving ski for the bumps and trees and has enough punch to hold on harder snow too.  If you're looking for a little less of a freeride feel go with the Pinnacle 95, it's more race inspired.  


Carbon band.

Designed by: K2 // Built by: K2, China

TLDR: All-mountain park capable ski.

Recommended Binding: The K2 Poacher's do NOT include a binding, awesome skis never do we recommend the Marker Griffon with 110 mm brake.

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