K2 Instrument Snowboard 2021


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K2 Instrument Snowboard 2021


Flex: Mid-Stiff // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Camber

Freeride is becoming more popular and the right snowboard can make the world of a difference. The New K2 Instrument Snowboard is the addition to K2's freeride lineup for the all mountain crusher who looks for adventure. Rocker up front with camber all the way to the tail makes this board rail through turns and blast through any type of snow you come across. Incredibly stable at speed with tons of control from the additional Carbon Torque Forks that extend out from the inserts. Slightly setback stance and plenty of rocker up front floats like a dream in powder and makes getting on edge super easy. The K2 Instrument is awesome for riders who ride primarily regular or goofy and want a board with some backbone. 

Bamboo/Aspen/Paulownia Core

Biax Fiberglass + Carbon

Designed by: K2 Snowboarding // Built by: K2 Sports, China Factory

TLDR: Freeride monster that has no tail rocker. A perfect option for boarders who dont ride switch and want some power underfoot.

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