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K2 Cold Shoulder Snowboard 2024 // Women's

The go-to all-mountain board for beginner to intermediate riders looking to go everywhere and speed up their progression while doing so. Also, experts who prefer a more forgiving feel would totally be stoked on this board.

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Despite what its name might imply, this is a very friendly board.


The Cold Shoulder is a really, REALLY sick snowboard that's had us stoked for a couple of years now. With its balanced and approachable feel you'd think it would be called the K2 warm friendly embrace, but I don't think that rolls off the tongue quite as well. The Cold Shoulder is built with progression in mind. From beginners transitioning from rentals to progressing intermediates just looking to replace an old board, it won't take long to feel yourself improving and taking that next step. The board's medium flex pattern, slightly directional shape, and camber profile come together to make for smooth and easy turn initiation while giving you a nice stable platform. It's lightweight and not very stiff, so it feels really quick in and out of a turn and pivots very easily. That maneuverability will also be key if you head off trail. A slight taper in the nose keeps the board a little wider in the nose so it can float through powder better. This and a slightly setback stance allow the board to perform pretty well in soft snow. Lastly, carbon stringers run down the length of the board, these add stability on hard pack and add more snap to the camber. Overall the Cold Shoulders is an awesome board for anyone looking for a well-rounded option that can handle the whole mountain rather than just focusing heavily on one. 

Who's this board for? New riders who want something they won't immediately grow out of. Progressing intermediates to more advanced riders who still want a board that's on the easier end of the spectrum. 

Who isn't this board for? Speed racers who's main concern on the slopes is turning on their turbo jets. The Cold Shoulder is not the most confident board at high speeds. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium (5 out of 10)
  • Profile/ Camber
  • Added Materials/ Carbon
  • Built By/ K2 Sports, China Factory
  • Shape/ Directional
  • Core Materials/ Aspen
  • Designed By/ K2 Snowboards

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A great mid-flex option with a directional shape that holds up really well all over the mountain. It's easy to ride but can handle anything. It's manuverable, snappy, and initiates a turn really well.

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