K2 Catamaran Skis 2019

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K2 Catamaran Skis 2019


r: 21 meters @ 184 centimeters // weight: 2370 grams @ 184 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

136 - 120 - 131

Test Locations: Big Sky MT, Red Mountain BC

Named after the type of yacht you probably Summer on in the mediterranean The Catamaran's wide beam provides the stability you need to float a top the deepest of champagne pow.  Whether you are accessing the fresh bowls and chutes via boot pack, chairlift, snowcat or heli the Catamaran is there to help you through the fresh gnar.  It's nimble 120 mm waist feels bouncy in and out the turn, while still feeling solid underfoot -- more firm than the ARV 116 JJ or Bent Chetler 120. For skiers that want a pair of wide boards that don't feel like a noodle, go Catamaran.

So what does an assymetrical ski do for you?

 It makes ripping steep and technical terrain a lot easier, due to the shorter radius on the outside edge or uphill ski.  What happens to skiers regardless of ability with symmetrical skis on steep terrain (think double black steep) is they wedge (pizza) their skis just before turning, a shorter radius on the outside edge of the uphill ski makes it much more maneuverable. 

The other reason for the assymetrical design on the K2 Catamaran is butters, butters baby.  By having the unique tip shape it makes rolling up on to the tips of the skis a lot easier.


Carbon Fiber 

Designed by: K2 // Built by: K2, China

TLDR: A ski for deep days.

Recommended Binding: The K2 Catamaran's do NOT include a binding, awesome skis never do.  We recommend the Marker Griffon with 120 mm brake.

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