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Jones Equinox Snowboard Bindings 2024 // Women's

A soft-flexing built for the riders who aren't trying to do it all. Beginners will have an easier time turning because of how forgiving it is, seasoned riders will find it takes no work when strapped in. This is for progressing riders or riders who have decided they've hit their ceiling, and they just want to chill out there.

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A friendly all-mountain binding.


We are so stoked that Jones finally dropped some bindings specifically built for the lady shredders out there! The whole line had us stoked and specifically the Equinox stood out in our testing. The most mellow of the bunch, this one is designed for the all-mountain rippers who prioritize a comfortable ride and a mellow flex pattern. Equipped with SKATETECH technology, the Equinox ensures precision and response by efficiently transferring your energy to the edges. The highback strikes that soft but not too soft range perfectly, with the binding being built out with a beefy center and softer sides. This ensures plenty of forgiveness, but also that the binding as a whole isn't flimsy or insufficient. This binding will work for a brand new rider, or anyone who prioritizes an easy ride. A soft-flexing binding is ideal for a beginner because it minimizes the work you have to do in order to get your board to turn. You lean into your binding, the binding is gonna bend, and your board is gonna start turning. This binding is also perfect for the more seasoned rider who rather than focusing on progressing or stepping up to more aggressive riding, is happy right where they are. The soft-flexing highback doesn't love fast or aggressive riding. It's going to get nervous at speed, and lack response and stability. Ease of use is the focus with the Equinox, so if you're looking for effortless fun, add this piece to your setup and you're well on your way. 

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Tech Specs

  • Flex/ Medium (6 out of 10)
  • Compatibility/ 2x4, 4x4, the Channel
  • Built By/ Solico Winter Sport Factory, Dubai UAEĀ 
  • Chassis/ Composite
  • Designed By/ Jones Snowboards
  • Size Chart/ Small: 5 - 8.5, Medium: 9 - 11.5

The Test Crew

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The Equinox is here to make your life easier. A softer flex means it takes less to turn your board, so the whole thing takes less work. Your legs will thank you.

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