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Head Kore 99 Skis 2021 // Women's

Head Kore 99 Skis 2021 // Women's


r: 15.1 meters @ 171 centimeters // weight: 1460g @ 162cm  // Rocker-Camber-Rocker


After two years of crushing it in on the men’s side, Head finally released the women’s editions of the Kore skis, and they were definitely worth the wait. What makes the Kore skis so unique is how stable they feel at high speeds despite how light they are. Head pulls this off by using a combination of carbon, graphene, and koroyd in the ski, and while that might just sound like technical jargon the result is a ski that can absolutely rip without being too heavy. That being said, there are better groomer skis out there, but you don’t get the Kore 99 to just ski groomers; where the ski really shines is untracked softer and choppier snow, where all the rocker in the ski makes floating in pow and blasting through crud effortless. The Kore 99 fills a serious gap in the women’s ski market as one of the most versatile skis in the game. Oh, and if you want one set of skis to use as a resort and an alpine touring ski - this is as good as it gets.

Karuba Core

Carbon + Koroyd + Graphene

Designed by: Head // Built by: Head, Czech Republic

TLDR: Versatile AF

Recommended Binding: The Head Kore 99’s do Not include a binding - the best never do.

We recommend the Tyrolia Attack 12 in a 95mm brake width or the Armada Shift (Really any Shift would work but the all-black Armada one would look BAD ASS)

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