Gnu Rider's Choice Asym C2X Snowboard 2019

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Gnu Rider's Choice Asym C2X Snowboard 2019


Flex: Mid-Flex // Shape: Asymetrical Twin // Profile: C2X - Camber-Rocker-Camber

Looking for an all-mountain freestyle snowboard that has the backing of some of the best rider's in the world? Well this snowboard literally speaks for itself because the name says it all! GNU team riders use the Riders Choice snowboard because they absolutely love it. This award-winning long time staple of the GNU lineup lets riders jib and destroy all things freestyle! It has an asymmetrical sidecut, asym core, asym contact angles and tip and tail shape. These technologies combined with a C2X profile and a true twin shape really lets you take over groomers, trees, and pow like a champion. I mean it is the Riders Choice after all...


What’s the deal with asymmetrical boards?

While lots of snowboards have a different shape in the nose than the tail, most boards are still symmetrical side to side. Asymmetrical boards like the Rider’s Choice throw that out the window, and the heel side and toe side of the boards have different shapes. The reason for this is that humans aren’t symmetrical when we’re standing sideways like on a snowboard, so you’re board shouldn’t either. The way our knees bend, we can apply way more power onto our toes than our heels, so asym boards take advantage of that by shaping the toe side differently to allow the board to carve much more when you’re on your toes. 

C2? C2X? What do these dang numbers mean?

Lib Tech and GNU label the profile of their boards on their “Banana Tech” Scale. Banana (or C1) is the most flexible profile, with lots of rocker throughout the board and very little camber. On the other hand, C3 boards are the stiffest boards out there and are packed with camber and have just a touch of rocker. C2, as you could have maybe guessed, is right in the middle. C2 boards offer the perfect blend of rocker and camber for all-mountain performance that the majority of riders are looking for. Think of C2X as like C2.5; it’s in-between C2 and C3,  so at C2X the Rider’s Choice from GNU is a C2 so it’s right in the sweet spot with lots of power, but still manageable for intermediates. 

Aspen+Poplar+Paulownia Core

Triax Fiberglass


Designed by: Gnu Snowboards // Built by: Mervin Manufacturing, in the U.S.A. near Canada

TLDR: A true one quiver do-everything snowboard that falls in that rare 50/50 zone of grip and float. 

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