Gnu SnowboardsGNU Carbon Credit ASYM Snowboard 2017

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GNU Carbon Credit ASYM Snowboard 2017



If you are one of those people who doesn't want to believe the Asym hype, let me reassure you that the hype is real. The construction of the GNU Carbon Credit Asym is a perfect example of how awesome an Asymetrical board can be. Toe side is built with a stronger Poplar wood, the spine of the board is crafted from Aspen, and the heelside is a softer Polownia.This shape and design is anatomically correct for the way our bodies work when shredding. Since our knee's bend toward our toes, we can naturally apply alot more power through a frontside carve compared to backside. Blending the different stiffnesses with a deeper sidecut heelside makes everything come more naturally.  BTX construction takes the hard part of snowboarding out of the equation by giving you lots of rocker for jibbing up a storm. Softer flex makes the mountain your playground where you can butter top to bottom with sucking the life out of your legs. After your first lap you will be on Asym train because it's technology you feel instantly and will ultimately make a better rider. The GNU Carbon Credit Asym is priced right without lacking in quality or performance.

The GNU Carbon Credit Asym is an awesome board for new riders who are still getting the fundamentals down and an even better board for riders who love to jIb, bonk, and butter everything they cross.


BTX - Camber/Rocker/Camber - Mild camber underfoot with plenty of rocker dials in one of the best jibbing boards around. The shape delivers a consistent softer flex, great pop, and lots of float for optimal aweseomeness.


Asym Eco-Unreal - Full wood core with Aspen spine, Poplar toe side core, and Paulownia heel side core that is responsive while remaining lightweight.


Biaxial Technology - Fiberglass strands placed at zero and ninety degrees to increase stability and pop.

Triaxial Technology - Fiberglass strands placed at forty-five and ninety degrees for EXTREME POP.


Co-Extruded Base -  Practically maintanence free that can take a whoopin and holds wax like champ.

Additional Awesomeness

Magne-Traction - Magne-Traction gives you seven contact points to carve into any type of snow, no matter how hard. Grind your edges down to nothing and Magne-Traction will still hold.

UHWM Sidewalls - Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sdiewalls that are unbelivably bombproof.

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