Giro Envi MIPS Ski Helmet // Women's


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Giro Envi MIPS Ski Helmet // Women's


Lightweight // MIPS // Adjustable Fit

The sister helmet to the Grid, this helmet has the same construction with some softer ear pads, a silky panel in the back to keep your hair/ponytail from slipping and some prettier colors. The Envi helmet might be the lightest helmet out there. If you are the earn-your-turns type, this is going to become a favorite. Aside from forgetting it's there, the Envi has spherical MIPS. I know you've heard about MIPS but spherical MIPS are a whole level above. The MIPS system is built into two pieces of EPS foam that come together like a ball and socket. Just like the plastic slip plane found in most MIPS helmets, it protects against rotational crashes but is much more breathable and overall more comfortable. The Envi helmet makes a perfect fit with Giro goggles, especially the new Giro Contour and Giro Contact as well as many other options from other brands. 

Removable Ear Pads

Audio Compatible 

TLDR: The most tech packed into a crazy light helmet. 

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