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Giro Emerge MIPS Ski Helmet

Giro Emerge MIPS Ski Helmet


Fixed Vents // Spherical MIPS // No Adjustable Fit System

If you're serious about keeping your brain safe it's time to step up to a helmet that is up to the task. MIPS is absolutely the way to go from a safety perspective, but what isn't advertised is how different styles of MIPS can differ by how it's built into the helmet. The Emerge features Spherical MIPS which just means that the rotational technology is integrated into the foam instead of the shell in order to function more seamlessly. That's a lot of technical jargon for it's going to keep you safer and do a better job in preventing concussions. So if you're a serious skier who care about keeping your head safe, whether it's charging through trees or shredding laps in the park you gotta get serious about your brain. 

In-Mold Construction

Removable Ear Flaps

Audio Compatible

TLDR: None of the features, all of the safety. 



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