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Flylow Tough Guy Glove

Flylow Tough Guy Glove


Cuff Style: Under // Waterproof: No // Finger Stalls: Yes

You see them at every mountain, what are we talking about… Work Gloves. You might ask yourself why, but the patrollers and lifties know a thing or two. These inexpensive alternatives hold up to some real abuse and you won’t have to shell out 150 like you do with the other guys. Flylow has been putting in the work to heat treat a classic insulated work glove with Sno-Seal bee’s wax since 2005. Their gloves get triple baked in craigslist ovens at HQ in Denver. Comfortable and functional, these gloves get the job done. Perfect for any pursuits above 20 degrees. The woven poly back isn’t waterproof but it does make these bad boys pretty breathable for the price.

Durable Pig Skin Leather

Three Layers of Sno-Seal Water Proofer

HeatRac Insulation

TLDR: Built for comfort and functionality, these gloves will only look better with age.


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