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Fischer RC4 Pro MV BOA ZipFit Ski Boots 2025

The Fischer RC4 Pro MV offers top level performance in a fit that isn't unbearable. A 140 flex allows this boot to drive any ski with power and stability regardless of how hard you're pushing it. The ZipFit liner take the MV fit to a whole new level, it's more firm and precise than the regular RC4 MV liner but it isn't more uncomfortable. This is a boot for expert skiers who want performance but don't want to crush their feet.


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140 flex, mid-volume fit, ZipFit liner, BOA adjustment system. Chef's kiss.


The Fischer RC4 Pro is a high-performance boot for harder-charging expert skiers. This is a top level boot for recreational skiers who are after power and control over their skis. Even though this is a high-performance boot, it has a mid-volume fit -- so it's not overbearing as far as the fit goes. For skiers with average feet, there aren't many boots out there that offer this kind of performance. The RC4 itself has a stated 140 flex, so this boot is responsive and offers really great rebound from turn to turn. Different from the regular RC4, the RC4 Pro has a carbon-infused cuff; that's where the extra performance comes from. The RC4 Pro also comes equipped with a ZipFit Liner. This ZipFit liner levels up the mid-volume fit and allows this MV boot to feel and ski more like a low-volume boot, just without the added compression throughout the fit. If you're looking for a stiff, powerful, mid-volume boot that will never hold you back on the hill this is it. 

Bootfitter's notes:

The Fischer RC4 Pro MV ZipFit is a boot for average feet. The length will feel a little short out of the box becuase of the ZipFit liner but that will resolve itself once the liner is molded to your feet. In the heel and ankle area, you can tell the liner needs to be molded before it feels natural around the anatomy of your foot. It's precise in the achilles and heel area to help increase foot retention in that area. Instep and top of the foot is normal for a mid-volume fit while the BOA adjustment makes it incredibly easy to dial the fit in to your liking in this area. While this is a more precise fitting mid-volume boot if you have average feet and don't need to be  in a low volume boot this is one of the best options for you. 

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Tech Specs

  • Weight/ 2185g @ 26.5
  • Liner/ ZipFit
  • Boot Sole/ Gripwalk
  • Designed By/ Fischer
  • Last/ 100mm
  • Cuff Style/ 2 Piece Overlap
  • Shell Materials/ TPU Shell // Carbon Infused TPU Cuff
  • Built By/ Fischer

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The Fischer RC4 Pro MV BOA with a Zipfit liner is one of the higher flex boots that we carry for recreational skiers. It has enough power to bend even the burliest of skis and it has a fit that works for a variety of average foot shapes. What else does a hard-charging skier need for the resort?

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