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Fischer Ranger 99 Ti Skis 2021

Fischer Ranger 99 Ti Skis 2021

Fischer Ranger 99 Ti Skis 2021


r: 18 meters @ 181 centimeters // weight: 1950 grams @ 181 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

130 - 97 - 121

Test Locations: Red Mountain BC, Stratton VT, Aspen CO

The most versatile model in Fischer's Ranger line up for 2020, the Ranger 99 Ti.  The new model is more than just a new name, it's a more solid feeling ski than it's predecessor the Ranger 98 Ti.  The Rocker profile is also toned down a bit to reduce tip flap and feel more confident as the speedometer climbs towards terminal velocity.  The Ranger 99 doesn't feel like it's more laborious to move around in tighter trees, it just feels like you have more ski to push off of, a major plus in heavier snow. If you felt as though the 98 Ti lacked confidence, the 99 Ti does not.


Does the Ranger 99 Ti Ski well on Groomers?

Oh Yea, it’s a ski that wants to arc turns. Will it grip as well as the Nordica Enforcer 100? No, but it’s not far off.  There is always a give and take when you want a ski to be awesome in soft snow, what’s amazing about the Ranger 98 is how well it skis on groomers.  If snow is SUPER variable, loose granular  white ribbon of death early season awful, there are better skis – like an older pair cambered rock skis.  The Ranger 99 Ti can ABSOLUTELY rip on a groomer.

Who is the Ranger 99 Ti for?

Skiers that ski wherever the snow is good; regardless of pitch, trees, bumps, crud etc.  They are a true all-mountain ski for an expert level skier that prefers skiing off-piste.  Unlike other skis with an equal amount of rocker geared for powder, the Ranger 98 is fun to ski on a groomer, as mentioned above. 

What is the difference between the Ranger 98 Ti and Ranger 99 Ti?

The Ranger 99 Ti is going to be firmer feeling, a little less nervous or chattery on harder snow.  The Ranger 99 Ti will handle chopped up heavy snow much better than the 98 Ti.


Beech/Poplar Core

Titanal + Carbon Fiber tip and tail

Designed by: Fischer // Built by: Fischer, Ukraine Factory

TLDR: Built for experts, but forgiving enough that an aspiring intermediate can hop on it too.  Ski off trail and you'll love it, only shred groomers you'll want a bit more stability.

Recommended Binding: The Fischer Ranger 99 Ti's do NOT include a binding, the cool skis never do.

Tyrolia Attack 13 (95 mm) or Marker Griffon ID (100 mm)


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