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Fischer Ranger 94 FR Skis 2022

Fischer Ranger 94 FR Skis 2022


r: 18 meters @ 184 centimeters // weight: 1900 grams @ 184 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

127 - 94 - 118

The Ranger 94 FR demands respect. The carbon nose construction combined with a full rocker tip and tail delivers that surfy style freeride skiers have long been craving. If you love to rip steep trees, nuke through moguls or even shred the occasional park lap, the Ranger 94 is your bread and butter. The 94 FR is a slightly narrower, more versatile version of the playful Ranger 102 FR, providing a quicker edge to edge transition. That being said, these perform the best off the trail, but still deliver a quality edge on hard packed groomer days. If you are looking for a more trail oriented ski, the Enforcer 94 fits the bill. Honestly the Ranger 94 FR is even light enough to add to your alpine touring quiver. Throw on an Armada Shift and conquer those elevation gains.


What is the difference between a Ranger Ti and a Ranger FR? 

The short answer – the FR collection is more playful, while the Ti series is more directional. The Ti series is composed of more metal underfoot, which extends further up the tip and tail of the ski to reduce that chatter at high speeds. While both the Ti and FR have an early rise rocker profile, the Ti has an early taper design providing a more directional ski. With less metal than the Ti, the FR collection is designed to be a more playful ski. More rocker in the tail generates that wavy style, performing best off the trail. Don’t be fooled, even with all that rocker, both skis can hold a solid edge on any groomer. The 2021 Ranger Ti series includes widths of 92mm, 99mm & 107mm, while the 2021 Ranger FR collection features widths of 94mm, 102mm & 115mm.

How do the Ranger 92 Ti and the Ranger 94 FR compare? 

Both the Ranger 92 Ti and the Ranger 94 FR excel off the trail. The main difference is how the Ranger 92 Ti is crafted to perform slightly better on the trail. More metal underfoot combined with the early tapered design generates a slightly more powerful and directional ski. The Ranger 94 FR will have slightly more rocker in the tail, preventing that tail edge from catching when maneuvering through tight terrain – making the ski feel super flowy when bombing through tight woods.


Beech/Poplar Core

Titanal + Carbon Fiber tip and tail

Designed by: Fischer // Built by: Fischer, Ukraine Factory

TLDR: Built for experts, but forgiving enough than an aspiring intermediate can hop on it too.  Ski off trail and you'll love it, only shred groomers you'll want a bit more stability.

Recommended Binding: The Fischer Ranger 94 FR's do NOT include a binding, the best skis never do.

We recommend a Tyroilia Attack 13 GW 95 mm, or Armada Shift 100 mm.


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  • 153

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