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Elan Playmaker 91 Skis 2024

A nimble, playful ski that can carve a turn shockingly well but it would prefer to be skied through tight terrain and on the side of the trail where the snow is a little softer. Elan isn't known for playful free ride skis, but the Playmaker is one of the best in the category.

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Elan set out to build a playful, freestyle-focused ski and they crushed it.


The new Playmaker series is the most un-Elan like series of skis they've ever made in the best way possible. The Playmaker 91 is a softer flexing ski with a forgiving feel, a kicked up tail and it's an easy enough ski to balance on for all abilities. While they classify this as an "all mountain ski" the Playmaker is most at home and feels alive when it's being skied, well, more playfully. Side hits, 180s, quick carves, tree runs, park laps. Those are a few of the Playmaker 91s favorite things. While the 91 can carve a pretty sick turn for a more freestyle oriented ski, it isn't meant to be used as a groomer crushing machine. Turn initiation is easy, but the ski wants to be leaned over a little farther before it hooks up and carries you through an awesome carve. Compared to the Playmaker 101, the Playmaker 91 does feel more at home on a groomer compared to the wider, more soft snow oriented Playmaker 101. That being said, we can't emphasize enough that this is a more playful ski, built for crushing a huge variety of terrain with some style and flair. Grip is strong enough to handle some rugged New England days (e.g., Killington in December) and the ability to get this ski to pivot around the tightest terrain with ease makes a trip through the trees a blast. Those two characteristics combined make the Playmaker 91 a solid choice for skiers spending time in all different areas of the mountain but prioritize a more playful, nimble ski. The Playmaker is one of our favorite new freestyle skis for the 23/24 season, Elan really knows how to build 'em. 

Who is this ski for? Skiers with a playful style. Skiers moving away from park skis towards something more all mountain capable that has major freestyle DNA. 

Who isn't this ski for? Skiers that prioritize grip, carving, and pure hard snow performance. Skiers that like more powerful, planted skis. Snowboarders. 

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 18.1m @ 180cm
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ Paulownia (TubeLite Wood Core)
  • Designed By/ Elan
  • Weight/ 1630g @ 180cm
  • Dimensions/ 122 - 91 - 116
  • Added Materials/ Carbon Fiber
  • Built By/ Elan

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If you have a more playful style you'll love these skis. They're quick without being nervous, easy to toss around while still offering good grip and they're a blast to rip through the park or technical terrain. Did we mention it actually carves well too?

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