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Db Journey Hugger Roller Bag 90L

Long-haul or short, this roller bag will keep your gear protected so you can get to your destination stress-free. Everything and the kitchen sink can fit into this bag.


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The Hook-Up System means it is compatible with any other Db bag — so you can clip any other Db bag on the outside and roll through the airport like it's nobody's business.


We can't even tell you how many times we've been stopped with questions about our Db bags. At the airport, on the subway, on the street — everyone wants to know what kind of bags we have. Just about every person working for TSM owns a Db bag, and for good reason. These things are seriously awesome. The Db 90L Roller Bag is no exception. All your ski/riding essentials (minus your actual skis/boards) have a spot in here. This bag protects your things and keeps its structure even if half empty. It is lightweight, sturdy and super durable. The main compartment opens fully so you can see and access your belongings — no more digging through your luggage to find what you need, it is all right there. Trust us, this bag will be your new travel best friend. 


Tech Specs

  • Capacity/ 90L
  • Notable Features/ Hook-Up System™️ compatible // Keeps its structure even if half empty // Lightweight and sturdy

Stylish-wheeled luggage for adventurous travelers.

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