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Burton Lexa X Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings 2021 // Women's

Burton Lexa X Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings 2021 // Women's


Flex: Stiff // Chassis: Short Glass + Nylon Composite // Combatibility: 2x4, 4x4, The Channel

The NEW Burton Lexa X Snowboard Bindings were a top choice coming out of the winter demos. A new highback is the biggest change that's a consdierable upgrade from options in the past. The new design grabs the heel of the boot and keeps your boot stuck in place. Staying grounded increases control, comfort, and is super helpful with decreasing foot fatigue. The less your boot moves around the less your foot has to work, which keeps the stamina in your feet way up. All of this sounds awesome because it is and your overall experience on snow just got a lot better. The Lexa X also got a little stiffer throughout. That's gonna give you some additional power if you tend to shred on the faster side. Advanced riders will apprecaite this feeling when laying over big toe and heelside turns. Lastly, we got a weight reduction! Having more maneuverability is advantageous everywhere, especially in the bumps and trees. All in all the Burton Lexa X has upgrades across the table. If an upgrade is on the horizon the Lexa X should definitely be a canidate.


Can the Lexa X Bindings be mounted on a traditional board or are they EST? 

These are Burton’s ReFlex Lexa Bindings designed to be compatible with any traditional mounting system. Even if you don’t have a Burton board with the Channel, these bindings are good to go. If you do have a Burton board with the Channel, these can be mounted on it, but for the best performance we recommend the Burton Lexa X EST Snowboard Bindings.

Why upgrade from the Burton Lexa to the Lexa X?

The biggest reason would be performance. While the Scribe is great for intermediate riders looking to get their feet under them, the Lexa X offers a far more responsive and stiff feel. For more serious riding, stepping up to the Lexa X is a must. The second reason is that the ankle strap on the Lexa will grip your boot better while feeling lighter, again making the Lexa X better for riders who want something a bit more advanced. 

Stitchless Asymetrical Hammockstrap

Hell Hammock Highback

Designed by: Burton // Built by: Burton, China Factory

TLDR: A women's binding that doesn't feel like a watered-down version of the men's model? Count us in!


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