Burton [ak] GORE-TEX 2L Kimmy Bib Pant // Women's


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Burton [ak] GORE-TEX 2L Kimmy Bib Pant // Women's


Shell Pant // Inner Thigh Vents // Fixed Bib

Membrane: GORE-TEX 2L 25K/25K

At this point I think everyone's finally  on board with the fact that bibs are far superior to pants. While it seemed like some brands were a little behind on offering really sick, high-tech bibs for women, we can now confidently say that Burton, with the help of pro snowboarder/general badass Kimmy Fasani, has designed one of the best bibs in the game. If you're putting together a backcountry-capable outerwear piece, GORE-TEX is likely going to be your first choice for fabric because it's just that much more waterproof than any of its competitors. From top to bottom you have 6 pockets: chest pockets on either side, hand-warmer pockets, and then cargo pockets further down the leg. In addition to just a ton of storage space the chest pocket is designed with a beacon clip which is a nice touch. Burton and Kimmy thought of pretty much everything and it shows with how awesome these bibs are. 

Regular Fit

6 Pockets

Adjustable Elastic Suspenders

TLDR: Giving the Flylow Foxy Bib a run for its money as the best women's bib out there. 

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