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Burton Hideaway Snowboard 2019 // Women's

Burton Hideaway Snowboard 2019 // Women's


Flex: Soft-Flex // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Flat-Rocker

There may be palm trees on the graphic, but once you pull the trigger on the Burton Hideaway you’re forever going to be partial to snowboard trips over beach vacations. A great board for beginning and progressing riders still getting their feet under them because it’s got a nice, mellow, and easy-to-control ride; but is miles ahead of anything you’d find in a rental shop in terms of construction quality and stability. Rocker in the tip and tail makes linking turns together easier than ever, and flat between the bindings won’t provide a ton of power, but is stable and won’t punish you if you make a mistake. Intermediate and advanced riders would have more fun elsewhere, but for a first time snowboard buyer, no board will get you from sliding down the bunny hill to cruising down blues faster than the Burton Hideaway.

 800G SuperFly Core


Designed by: Burton Snowboards // Built by: Kiel-Nindl GMBH, Austria

TLDR: The perfect board for a progressing rider, smooth and forgiving for beginners learning to link turns, and stable enough for riders taking their skills to steeper terrain.

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