Burton [ak] Helium Stretch Insulated Pant


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Burton [ak] Helium Stretch Insulated Pant


Insulated Pant // No Vents // 3 Pockets

Material: Stretch Nylon/Spandex Weave + DWR

Sounds simple, right? Burton's new insulated stretch pant is something we haven't seen too much of before but one of those things you wish we had figured out earlier. They're super stretchy, crazy comfortable, and very warm; it's almost like a pair of LuLu Lemon stretch pants had a baby with a ski pant - and the result is very very cool. Wear them après at the bar, wear them on a skin ascent because they're so light and breathable, you'll really never want to take these things off. A huge hit among the staff here. 

Regular Fit

Thermacore Stretch Insulation, 40g

Elastic Waistband

TLDR: A cross between a stretch pant and a ski pant. 

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