Burton GORE-TEX 2L Banshey Jacket


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Burton GORE-TEX 2L Banshey Jacket


Insulated Jacket // No Powder Skirt // Underarm Vents

Membrane: GORE-TEX 2L 25K, 25K

I (the person writing these descriptions) seriously think the problem with the 20-21 Burton men's clothing line is that every single piece is fire and I'm trying to justify buying myself like 10-15 new jackets. This is another one where Burton absolutely killed it, I mean look at that pink colorway, it's freaking sick! Nobody is making anything that even comes close to colors that Burton has in store for this year, and with every jacket they make they absolutely have the tech to back it up. Gore-Tex is the best waterproof membrane there is in terms of keeping you dry and there's some insulation here so you're not just getting a complete shell. Not to mention the hood and pockets are reinforced with 3L Gore-Tex instead of two, just a more durable material so the parts of the jacket prone to taking a beating are built a little more sturdy. And while we're on the topic, the pockets, there might be more pocket space on this jacket than on any I've ever seen. Don't worry about stuff all jumbling together, there's separate pockets for your lift pass, extra lens, chairlift beers, a PB&J, and leftover room for your buddy's one hitter. 

Regular Fit

Thermolite 60g Insulation

8 Exterior Pockets, 2 Interior

TLDR: Extra pocket space, extra durability, and extra extra steeze. 

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