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Bomber Pro Terrain 84 Skis 2020

Bomber Pro Terrain 84 Skis 2020

Bomber Pro Terrain 84 Skis 2020


r: 18 meters @ 171 centimeters // weight: 2010g @171cm // Rocker-Camber-Rocker


We could tell you all about how Bode Miller designed these skis or how there’s an NFC Chip that’s inside the ski that apparently does something, but honestly the reason to get these skis is because they just ski like rockets. These things absolutely rail a turn on hardpack, and at 84mm underfoot they’ll provide just enough width for when things get choppy and handle much better than your old racing skis. Unlike a Vokl Kendo 88 or a Nordica Enforcer 88 that are all-mountain skis that are definitely better on the frontside, this feels more like a ski that wants to hold on throughout the whole turn - less smeary in the tips and the tails.

Wood Core


Designed by: Bomber // Built by: Bomber, Italy Factory

TLDR: Arcs turns like a GS ski, but can ski in every condition. 


Crikey!!! Looks like we’re sold out.

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