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Blizzard Thunderbird R15 WB Skis 2023

Looking for a carving ski for crushing groomers, this is it. Tip it and rip it.

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The Blizzard Thunderbird is a true groomer slaying machine. It's is built for one thing and that's arcing turns. There are very few skis that can keep up with the Thunderbird in this category. The nice thing about this ski is that while it is a high performance groomer ski, it's not as demanding as you'd think. The ski hooks up instantly, grips in effortlessly and it's powerful and stable AF. It's a relatively nimble carving ski considering all the power you have underfoot and at this waist width (76mm) it is wide enough to handle spring corn. This ski prefers medium to short turns but you can lean into it to let it run wider if that's your thing. This is not a ski you buy for versatility, this a tool for slaying groomers. The sharpest knife in the drawer. 

Marker TPX 12 Binding Included. 


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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 15m @ 174
  • Profile/ Camber
  • Core Materials/ Beech, Poplar
  • Designed By/ Blizzard
  • Weight/ 1960g @ 174
  • Dimensions/ 126 - 76 - 107 @ 174
  • Added Materials/ Titanal
  • Built By/ Blizzard

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