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Blizzard Sheeva 9 Skis 2025 // Women's

A ski that is playful, nimble, energetic and maneuverable that can still be pushed hard and inspires confidence over hard pack. The 23/24 Sheeva 9 is capable on groomers without sacrificing maneuverability for skiing off trail or on the side of the trail.


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It's on every one of our female testers top tested list. It's that good.


The Blizzard Sheeva 9 received a massive overhaul for the 23/24 season, an overhaul that put this ski at the front of the pack for the more playful, all mountain category. The older Sheeva 9 was manueverable and a blast in tight terrain or softer snow but lacked some power and confidence on hard pack or in a turn on groomers. Blizzard did an awesome job maintaining most of that playful, freeride DNA that we loved about the older Sheeva, but in a more hard pack capable package. All that really means is this ski can now rip on groomers, grips well, feels stable at higher speeds but can still be slashed or slarved all over the mountain and in tight terrain. The Sheeva 9 is perfect for skiers who spend their ski days all over the hill with a slight preference for groomers but with a more playful style, on the side of the trail, a few bumps here and there, and quick turns. If you're a more aggressive skier the Sheeva 9 can hang, it just isn't built for carving high angle GS turns. There are more powerful, frontside oriented options out there if groomers are your jam and don't need an incredibly verstile ski. This is a ski that really can be skied everywhere and can handle the icy east coast days with confidence, but it would prefer to be skied with a more playful style. This ski is on all of our female testers top tested list and is a great ski for a huge range of abilities. 

Who is this ski for? Skiers who have a more playful style but like to turn it up every now and then. Skiers who want a ski that can lap groomers but don't want to be limited to just skiing groomers. 

Who isn't this ski for? Skiers who want a carving ski; there are more powerful and precise options in the all mountain category. Skiers who want a powder ski, the Sheeva isn't wide enough to handle super deep, soft snow.

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Tech Specs

  • Radius/ 14m @ 162cm
  • Profile/ Rocker - Camber - Rocker
  • Core Materials/ TrueBlend Woodcore: Beech, Poplar, Paulownia
  • Designed By/ Blizzard
  • Weight/ 1765g @ 162
  • Dimensions/ 129 - 96 - 118.5 @ 162cm
  • Added Materials/ Titanal // Fiberglass
  • Built By/ Blizzard

The Test Crew

We test products year round in order to curate the best gear for you.

If you like trees, bumps, soft snow and groomers you'll be asking a lot of your skis. The Sheeva 9 can handle all of that with ease. It's composed and gripped on a groomer while still being capable of trail over varying terrain and snow pack.

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