Black DiamondBlack Diamond Helio 105 Carbon Skis 2018


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Black Diamond Helio 105 Carbon Skis 2018



Your day begins early and the majority of your day is going to be spent ascending and skinning out of the backcountry, but it'll be well worth the views taken in and the fresh snow that got slashed.  The Black Diamond Helio 105 Carbon, is super light and has enough integrity to blast through some of the heavier snow you may encounter on the descent.  While Black Diamond makes mention of Helio 105 Carbon being 70% soft snow, 30% hard snow -- don't think of hard snow like the ice the East has plenty of, they'll suck on that -- no offense Black Diamond.  Soft snow or good snow is where these are going to thrive.  The Helio 105 Carbon is all about the ascent, these babies are light, now all you need is some light weight boots and bindings and you're good to go.  


Black Diamond Helio Construction

Full Sidewall  - 5 mm ABS sidewall runs from tip to tail.  


Balsa Flax Wood Core - This superlight engineered core is wrapped in pure-preg for a strong and light weight feel.


Early Rise - Tip and tail early rise provide the skis with superior float in powder, as well as effortless turn initiation regardless of snow condition.

Early Taper - The skis widest points are tapered earlier to provide a more predicable tip in soft snow and help eliminate tail hang-up.

Additional Awesomeness

ABS tail protector with integrated skin clip.


The Black Diamond Helio 105 Carbon does not come with a binding. 

Recommended Pin Binding: Dynafit Radical ST 2.0

Recommended Frame Binding: Marker Tour F12 110 mm.

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