Black Diamond Glop Stopper Wax


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Black Diamond Glop Stopper Wax



Black Diamond’s Glop Stopper Wax is a must have for spring treks where temperatures are changing and the snow is becoming heavy and wet. When the snow begins to stick to the bottom of your skins, it is nearly impossible to continue your hike without stopping to scape the snow off. By rubbing the glop stopper wax on your skis prior to your climb, your skins will glide effortlessly across the snow, no matter how wet and heavy it is. Don’t let the warmer weather and sticky snow impact your tour, put a coat og Glop Stopper on before you head out and you’ll be glad you did. 


Keeps heavy, wet snow from sticking to the bottom of your skins. 

Improves glide across snow surface.


Simply rub block on to skins prior to climbing.


70 gram block

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